Aah!  A person after my own heart ...

Do you know the saying, "Curiousity killed the cat?"

Well, I commend you for your COURAGE in "Pushing The Button" even if it was only to see what's happens when you do!

Unless there's an obvious reason, like it states FREE, most people do not take ACTION.  They simply choose to ignore something because they are afraid what might happen.

That's why you're SPECIAL!

I like someone who recognises that changes are needed in their life, but I ADMIRE a person who is prepared to take ACTION to achieve their desired results.

And for that reason, I am prepared to offer you my help.

I am going to give you the "... but satisfaction brought it back." part of the well-known proverb ...

I am giving you 3 SPECIAL bonuses ...

Bonus #1

On arrival at the Restore Point Retreat, you'll be offered a FREE deep floral bath followed by a 30-minute aromatherapy treatment to help you de-stress quickly and maximize the benefits of your stay.

My first gift to you is valued at 40€'s

Bonus #2

I will be sending you a guided meditation track in mp3 format for you to use forever ...
My second gift to you is valued at 20€'s

Bonus #3

If you book NOW! from this page I will reduce the cost of your stay.

So, choose 3-nights for the bonus price of 515€ or 4-nights for 595€.

All three bonuses offer you a combined value 100€'s ... just for "Pushing The Button"

But you can ONLY access the discount & the other 2 bonuses NOW!

If you close this page you will lose this offer.

So, if you're SERIOUS about changing your old-Self and gaining a bright new future ...                     you'll NEVER get a better offer.
Take ACTION and follow the Next Step!

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