A Typical Summer Restore Point Retreat

07h15 – 08h00  ~  Guided Meditation

08h00 – 09h15  ~  Morning Yoga

09h15 – 10h00  ~  Breakfast

10h00 – 10h45  ~  Part I Workshop – Transformational Retreat Only

10h45 – 11h00  ~  Coffee Break

11h00 – 11h45  ~  Part II Workshop – Transformational Retreat Only

11h45 – 12h00  ~  Coffee Break

12h00 – 13h15  ~  Part III Workshop – Transformational Retreat Only

13h30 – 14h00  ~  Lunch Break

14h00 – 16h45  ~  Relaxation Time/visit to AquaChoisel (optional)

17h00 – 18h15  ~  Afternoon Yoga Th.y.m Sequence

18h15 – 19h15  ~  Yoga Nidra (Theta meditation)

19h30 – 20h30  ~  Evening Meal


Morning Yoga

There are many styles of yoga in the Western hemisphere, most being fitness based, losing the original principles behind the ancient Hatha or Zen practices from where Nikki draws her inspiration.

Zen yoga particularly takes you back to the origins of healing through energy.  The gentle stretching aligns the body position to promote well-being, and as the retreat only permits a maximum of 5 participants, you will have plenty of guided advice to improve your basic poses.

These gentle but powerful routines, suitable for beginners and intermediate levels, are specifically sequenced to open the energy lines of the body, bringing you to a new understanding between your body and mind.  You will be shown how to activate your yoga practice to enable greater flow of energy.

Nikki’s teaching style is relaxed and informative, but do not be under any illusion, practicing yoga twice daily, even though the poses are basic and gentle, is a completely different experience to practicing yoga once or twice a week.

Meditation, both Alpha and Theta frequencies

Every Morning and evening you’ll be immersed in one form or another of meditation, the key to lowering stress levels in daily life.

These sessions are extremely relaxing due to Nikki’s studies with Zen and to hypnotherapy.

Through her own extensive practice and creative writing, Nikki will effortlessly disengage your chattering mind, allowing you to easily experience the true benefits of meditation.

From a scientific point of view, Nikki teaches you about brainwave frequencies, and how to achieve both Alpha and Theta brainwave states.

A real treat that you’ll become addicted to!

Young female meditate in nature

The Jewel in the Crown (the Transformational Retreat only)

The WORKSHOP experience is where you’ll gain your greatest personal development.

These really ARE the secret weapon in making your Restore Point journey so life changing, and our retreats very different from others you might consider.

They’re created by Nikki, with her wealth of knowledge and experience, specifically to give you the results you desire.

We’re proud and delighted to announce OUR workshops have gained 5-star rating on our client feedback with the greatest improvements in three key areas:

CAREER – new, improved opportunities with financial gain.

RELATIONSHIPS – mending of past and current conflicts.

LIFESTYLE – better time management resulting in a calmer and more fulfilling life.

Isn’t it time to consider how you’d feel if you made these differences in YOUR life during 2020?

Our daily 2020 workshop program is as follows:

Taking Back Control of YOUR Mind

Understanding the subconscious mind, our “computer”, and its’ programs or algorithms that are running behind the scenes affecting our decisions and routines.

Looking at our thought process, and the feelings they create, as a co-pilot system of awareness to enable us to start to change our automatic responses.

The Most Important Time in your Day

The science behind changing every aspect of your life, and the phenomenal difference that can be made by meditation and mindfulness.


Because you, and your life are worth it!

Abundance of Energy

What make one person charismatic and another draining?

This workshop takes a trip through the body to understand vibrational energy, meridian lines, and ancient Eastern techniques to enable you to unblock, super-charge your system and become a winner!

Next Steps…

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